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Proving Cultural Uniqueness

The standards for demonstrating cultural uniqueness have to date been liberal. The petitioner must provide affidavits, testimonials, or letters from recognized experts respecting the authenticity of the individual's or group's skills. Such letters should, of course, establish the authors' own credentials and the basis of the authors' knowledge of the beneficiary(ies). At least two such letters, when combined with some other evidence, may suffice.

Alternatively, the petitioner may document that the alien's or group's performance is culturally unique by way of a broad range of possible evidence, including articles, reviews, other published materials, PR materials, prizes, ads, etc. Letters from interested foreign governments (via their embassy cultural attachés or otherwise) can be most helpful. Under either approach, petitioners selecting this alternative must also show that all the performances will be culturally unique, which can be established simply by providing an itinerary listing the various venues and a statement that the alien or group will be performing only the culturally unique services described in the petition.