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P-S Filing Specifics

P petitions for essential support personnel are organized as other petitions, but with fewer documents. These include the alphabetized beneficiary list, itinerary, and any contracts, together with at least the petitioner's statement in the accompanying letter briefly describing a) the position and skills of each beneficiary; b) the beneficiary's past relationship, if any, to the group; and, c) stating why the beneficiary's services are essential. This can become somewhat burdensome if there are many such personnel.

As of April 1, 2024 the maximum number of beneficiaries that can be listed on an O-2, P-1B, P-3, or P-S petition is 25. A petitioner may include up to 25 beneficiaries seeking P-S classification on the same petition if they will all be assisting the same P primary artist(s) for the same events or performances, during the same period of time, and in the same location. Be careful to keep track of which beneficiaries are being grouped together for each separate petition and make sure that all the other information regarding the classification period requested and supporting evidence for the group as a whole is identical. When a group petition requires being separated into multiple forms due to the 25 beneficiaries cap, these related petitions may be filed in one mailing (envelope) but each grouping must contain all supporting documentation (i.e. each must have its own cover letter, itinerary, evidence, copy of labor union consultation, etc. and separate check for filing fee).