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USCIS Releases Another Update to Form I-907 - (10/11/18)

USCIS has made a minor change to its Form I-907, which is used to request Premium Processing Service for faster processing of petitions such as the O-1B and P petitions. The latest form is dated 10/01/18 and starting December 3, 2018 USCIS will only accept this version of the I-907. Petitioners should note that Part 3 under Requestor’s Contact Information, contains the change – a reversal of Questions #5 and #6 asking for the requestor’s fax number and email address. Our sample I-907 form has been updated accordingly, and as always, petitioners should always download the newest edition of all forms directly from USCIS when filing all petitions, and also remember that as of October 1, the fee to file the I-907 increased to $1,410, which does not include the base $460 filing fee for the form I-129.