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O-2 Filing Specifics

Prepare O-2 petitions similarly to O-1B petitions, with these differences:

  • If the petition includes more than one beneficiary, attach an alphabetized beneficiary list, using the USCIS Supplement-1 form or a column format (see "Blank Beneficiary Chart") that contains similar information. The list should go immediately after the O and P Classifications supplement, and before any consultations, and should be followed by copies of each beneficiary's passport biographical data page. USCIS examiners prefer the more accessible column format because they have to re-type the beneficiary information into their computer system. Be sure to supply a one- or two-word description of each beneficiary's job.
  • The main supporting documentation should be a statement from the petitioner in the petitioner's letter or, even better, the O-1B principal, describing the O-2 alien's critical skills and experience with the O-1B beneficiary, the nature of the assistance to be rendered, and its essentiality.
  • Other documentation should include contracts, résumés (where feasible), and itineraries.