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LATEST NEWS ALERT: Use 2023 edition of Form I-129 - (08/15/23)

USCIS has announced that starting Oct. 16, 2023 it will only accept the 05/31/23 edition of the Form I-129 which is used to request approval for several visa classifications, including O and P which are used for guest artist visas. Until then, petitioners can also use the 11/02/22 edition but it is best practice to download a fresh form directly from the USCIS website each time to ensure the most recent edition is being used. You can find the edition date at the bottom of the page on the form and instructions.

No changes to the form's contents have been made at this time, but you can find updated samples in our Appendix. Petitioners are also reminded that the latest Form I-907 to request Premium Processing has an edition date of 11/03/22 and that within the last year, USCIS announced separate checks must be written for fees (i.e. one check for the I-129 filing fee and a separate check if also requesting premium processing) and that it no longer requires that a petition be filed in duplicate.