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P-1B Filing Specifics

In the case of foreign-based groups, attach an alphabetized beneficiary list in the same place as the O-2 petition, any consultations, then copies of each beneficiary's passport biographical data page. Because of the 75 percent rule (and exceptions), the beneficiary list must include information on the date each beneficiary began his/her association with the group. The more specific the data, in terms of exact date, month or year, the better.

In the case of an internationally renowned U.S.-based group engaging a foreign individual to perform as a member of its group, remember to provide evidence proving the U.S. group’s international reputation as well as a list of all the current members with the date each began his/her association with the group. Remember that the international reputation and the 75% rule fall on the U.S. group in this utilization of the P-1B classification.

The petitioner's supporting letter should contain the same basic information as the O-1B, but remember to explain any desired exceptions to the 75 percent rule, based either on illness, exigency, or augmentation.